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Immaculate Tattoos and a VIP Tattoo Experience Beyond Your Dreams

Get a masterfully designed and applied tattoo in a comfortable, high-end tattoo studio catering to your comfort, your experience, and your tattoo vision. Whether you are working with owner Tyler C. or a curated guest artist, we promise you will leave the shop with a piece of unique art that’s true to your vision 100% your own.

Welcome to Black Saint Studios

Black Saint Studios is the private studio of Tyler Ciarlanti. Here you will find a uniquely curated and luxury environment built for comfort and the creation of one-of-a-kind custom art. You will be met and checked in for your experience upon arrival by Tyler’s lovely wife and assistant Rayanna Ciarlanti. When you enter our studio, you will be treated like family and well taken care of throughout your stay.

Watch the video below to get a feel for our space, our vibe, and the art we create every day.

We treat every client with the same love and respect we’ve come to expect from our own tattoo experiences. Always taking into consideration your wants and needs, we work every day to achieve mastery in the art of tattooing and to empower and elevate those who wear the art we create in this transformative medium.

The Black Saint Studio Experience

A Masterful Tattoo And A Positive Experience Can Change Your Life

Our goal for your experience is this: when you step through the door, your life will forever change for the better. Your appearance will of course forever be altered after your time here. It is our aim to leave a positive impact on your mind and spirit, too.

We promise you this: you’ll have an awesome time getting your tattoo and leave our studio with a smile on your face and a fresh outlook on your life, your direction, and who you are and are becoming. You will have new positive and empowering energy brought into your life.

We treat every part of both the tattoo process and your experience as part of the craft of tattooing that we hold sacred. Whether your tattoo is of an empowering symbol, a memory, or simply a new adornment to enhance the way you look and feel in your own skin, you’ll leave with a fond memory and a piece that displays your idea and the motivation behind it in a way that empowers and propels you forward.

Every Tattoo Session We Do is a VIP Experience

Usually when you go into a shop or a studio, you know you’re walking into their space. When you’re here with us, the space is just as much yours as it is ours. Make yourself comfy and enjoy your time. You’ll have a rewarding tattoo experience unlike anything you’ve seen or imagined. The art of tattooing that we hold sacred can be a transformative experience. We cultivated an inspiring, comfortable, private environment to foster good energy and enable positive transformations.

We love watching our clients freak out about the results of our work and the elevating, affirming experience we offer them.

Tattoo Sessions

Most tattoo sessions are a full day and every client is treated like a VIP. Optionally, we can set you up with a luxury, fully immersive tattoo retreat experience. If this isn’t for you don’t worry, you’ll still be treated like the rockstar you are while you’re here.

The space is yours as much as it’s Tyler’s for the time you’re here.

Bring anything at all that will help make you comfortable, i.e snacks, blanket, pillows, headphones etc. We have all of these readily available at the studio but we know the comfort of having your own items with you is always a plus.
Hungry? No sweat! Just let us know what you’re feeling and we’ve got you covered on lunch and a late dinner if needed, at no extra cost.
Traveling in? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help you find accommodations while you’re in Austin.

All Clients Get

We promise you:

Want or need anything else? Don’t hesitate to ask!

Check out Russell's take on his tattoo experience

The Origins of Black Saint

A Space of Creation and Transformation Born from Tyler’s Tattoo Journey

Tyler and his wife Rayanna are spiritual, open people. They wanted to create an environment where people feel comfortable opening up and expressing their true selves. A space where no dream is too big and no goal is unattainable. A space where everyone that walks through the doors is welcomed and celebrated in such a way that they can truly believe in their own greatness and ability to create the life they’ve always dreamed of for themselves. The Black Saint can be thought of as a metaphor for taking any and all self-doubt or worries and turning them upside down to create and breathe in new life and new energy. A spiritual figure or guide if you will,  with a mission to move  comfortably within the darkness to find the hidden light that resides within all of us. A black flame of hope to serve as a reminder that there is always a silver lining and beauty to be found through life’s struggles and trials. A grinning reaper, harvesting good energies and cleansing our paths to make room for new growth.

Tyler has dreamed of creating a studio of his own since the early days of his tattooing career. A wholly unique experience and expression of his vision of the transformative power of tattooing. Today at Black Saint Studios, Tyler has realized his vision in a way that goes beyond the dream. Black Saint Studios is a place of refuge and creative transformation. Here you’ll find a totally unique tattooing environment. Professional chefs come and go for our luxury tattoo retreat clients, we have art shows & charity events to give back and build our community. We invite you to step inside our world of creation and explore the possibilities of your own imagination..

To learn more about our story, our philosophy, and our mission, read on.

Our Philosophy

Using Creativity, Curiosity, and Compassion to Elevate the Human Spirit

We’re here to empower our clients to find that greatness within themselves and to build unity and understanding among people through the art of tattooing.  To us, tattooing is sacred. It’s more than a craft and art form. It’s a medium that can uplift and transform people for the better. What we do is all about unlocking human potential—within you, within ourselves, within our communities. 

The “Black Saint” represents the potential for greatness that exists within us all. The Black Saint awakens both pride and humility. And as a true saint elevates himself above no one, it reminds us that the beauty and possibility within us also lives within every person we meet. It shows us: that in our depths, we are one.

In pursuing mastery of our art form and ourselves over many years, working the creative process with fiercely open minds and hearts, we’ve found this to be true—we all have common experiences, common aspirations, common challenges, and we are all looking for ways to overcome and go beyond. 

We celebrate the creative and life-giving nature of life’s dark moments and places. In our studio and creative process, we practice artistic alchemy. We do that by treating you with the respect, curiosity, and the care needed to let you be vulnerable about the deepest truth underlying your tattoo idea. Our approach to art and life celebrates our common bond and strives to uplift the human spirit.

Our Mission

Champion Community and Personal Transformation Through Art

In today’s day and age, we feel, the world needs a message of unity and affirmation: of the goodness in the human spirit and of our potential to evolve and go beyond, to create better possibilities. With the division we perceive in today’s world, it’s our mission to be a saint and champion of unity and commonality.

We strive to put our mission into action in every area of our lives: with our tattoo clients, through our other creative endeavors, through how we show up moment to moment in interactions big and small, and through efforts to lift up our communities. Sometimes we hold charity art shows at our studio, raising money for causes like providing underprivileged kids in the Austin area with things like backpacks, art supplies, school supplies, food, and more.

Follow us or subscribe to our email list to be notified of upcoming events. Reach out to us if you want to help us organize an art fundraiser for a cause you think is in line with our mission.

A Word From Tyler

Hello and welcome to Black Saint Studios,

If you’ve made it this far, I want to sincerely thank you for your time and attention.

If you know me or have ever been tattooed by me then you know I take a lot of pride in treating people well. Throughout my career, I have always done my best to make sure that when people come to me for a tattoo, they’re not only impressed with the work they get done. They also feel relaxed and treated as if they just got to spend the day with a close homie rather than some dude just drilling on their skin all day. My goal with @blacksaintstudios is to provide an experience that is unparalleled and unique to each individual so that when they get up from that chair and walk out the door, they know that this place is something special, that they are respected and appreciated, and their tattoo idea was expressed with mastery, care, and the utmost attention to detail.

I have poured my heart and soul into the art and craft of tattooing over the last six years (as of this writing in 2022). This studio is something I’ve always dreamed of having. From the start of my tattoo career, I’ve always had the idea to one day be able to provide a unique environment for tattoo collectors and artists to come create while feeling relaxed and at home. A place where when you show up and check in, you know that you are in the right place because you can feel the passion within the presentation of everything you see around you here.

In the last couple of years, I’ve been pursuing a more spiritual approach in life, exploring philosophy, seeking new world views, and learning about esoteric topics like energy reading. Regardless of your own spiritual persuasion, I believe there is truth in most wisdom sources and spiritual practices. For instance, whether energy reading is about cosmic energy or simply tuning in deeply to another person, I’ve found this practice helps me vibe off others’ energy in positive ways. Whether they’re clients, friends, loved ones, or anyone, it helps me relate to and engage with their deeper self and their higher potential. With clients, it helps me see what their inner being wants and needs with this tattoo art and tattoo experience and helps me to read, work with, and help them express a renewed form of their body and inner being.

As I’ve grown over the years and created the studio I had always envisioned, it has now become more than I ever dreamed of. At Black Saint Studios, we’re pushing the bounds of the tattoo experience, creating a space and experience that’s more like therapy for people, even a spiritual experience. Tattooing has always had that deeper dimension for me, and I humbly believe we are bringing that possibility forth for the clients who come through our doors, even if they might have only expected to get a rad-looking piece of body art.

The craft of tattooing and the art of connecting with people is something I hold very sacred and close to my heart. I truly enjoy collaborating and learning from others and tattooing has allowed me to do that across multiple fronts and industries over the years. I’m always amazed when I get to work with someone new and as time goes on working within this craft from a place of humility, love, and a desire for mastery, I find making this art for people like you continues to flow more smoothly and produce better results than I had even planned for.

I am grateful for each and every one of you and I am honored to share my space of creation with you.

Thank you for being here and thank you for being you.


Tyler Ciarlanti
Black Saint Studios

Client Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Absouletly amazing I got one I came back for another
Robin James
When you meet someone that is a MASTER at their chosen profession or craft, it's a very special thing. The amount of time, dedication and professionalism creates an extraordinary individual.Tyler is one of those Individuals.Whether you sit there and watch him, listen to tunes or put on Netflix in his remarkable studio, you can trust that each line, each shading, and every aspect of his work demonstrates his commitment to achieving perfection for you.read more
Caleb Guerin
I've had two sessions done so far on my arm working on getting the whole sleeve by Tyler. I left his studio with more than just an amazing tattoo, I left with some knowledge and a little inspiration to go with it. It truly was an experience and Tyler is a true master of his work. Upon first meeting both him and his wife Rayanna, I thought they were very cool and nice people. The studio was really clean and organized. I felt calm and relaxed throughout the whole process everything was done so smoothly. The tattoo itself is very smooth, you can't even feel it if you rub your hand on it. It's insane how he does the least amount of damage to the skin and yet his work looks brilliant. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get the best black and gray realism in Austin tx.read more
Tyler is an AMAZING artist, his attention to detail is second to none, and his care for you and the tattoo are beyond any expectations I had. We have been working on a half sleeve and his work is impeccable. His studio his amazing, him and his wife are doing tremendous work with it. If you are looking for an artist, I recommend Tyler and Black Saint Studios 100%.read more
Daniel Albers
10/10 on everything. Photo speaks for itself.
James Revels
Professional, friendly, comfortable. Absolutely love my tattoo and enjoyed the experience. Tyler and Rayanna are so welcoming and the studio is a luxury experience. Excited for my next sessions!read more
Rexann Morrison
Tyler is an amazing artist! He did a very special portrait of my dad who has passed away and he absolutely killed it! The detail is amazing for the space that he was given. Again thank you Tyler!read more
Marissa Michel
Tyler was really great to work with, especially since this was my first tattoo and a large piece. He did a great job of listening to what I wanted and designing something that was unique. The detail of the tattoo is incredible and people are always complimenting how well done it is. He was really awesome at explaining the tattooing process and the aftercare, which I really appreciated with this being my first tattoo. The quality of his work is phenomenal and he his very professional. I could not be happier with my tattoo and I would highly recommend him to anyone.read more
Cacey Black
Tyler is by far the best artist I’ve had the privilege to interact with. The man is a highly skillful and professional artist. I was amazed by his attention to cleanliness, detail and patience. He captured and executed the idea I had for my tattoo perfectly, I couldn’t be happier with the end product. On top of that, he has the magic touch; I’ve been tattooed by other artists that seem like they are trying to tattoo your soul, but Tyler’s technique and skill made the whole process be quite comfortable. The pain level never went beyond a 5 or 6 out of 10 for me. He doesn’t waste time either so you definitely get your money’s worth. He completed my piece, a large skull and clock on my right shoulder and upper right arm in about 15 hours. I highly recommend Tyler to anyone looking to get a large detailed piece.read more
Victor Galindez
Tyler is an amazing artist, the work speaks for itself. I have people compliment my Jesus arm piece every time I wear a tank top.read more
Joshua Kitzmiller
Tyler is the best tattoo artist I’ve been tattooed by. His work speaks for itself. He is really nice and friendly guy who works with you to get you the best piece.read more
Joshua Fletcher
Tyler has exceeded all expectations. He is always professional, and takes your vision/idea very seriously because he wants your tattoo to look as good as possible. He did an AMAZING job on the 2 pieces he's done on my arm and I can wait to go back for more! Highly recommend working with Tyler!read more
Jose Lechu
Tyler is one of the most talented black and grey tattoo artists I have ever seen. His work speaks for itself. After two sessions, which completed my sleeve, I receive so many compliments and questions about the work. Not only is he professional and exceptionally talented but is just a good dude. During your tattoo, the atmosphere is so relaxed it’s like you’re just chilling with a friend.read more
Russell P
Tyler is one of the most professional artists I've ever seen or dealt with. His style and quality of art is of the highest level. His work is no joke and worth every penny. He is a great dude and I look forward to having more of his work.read more
Zipper Williams
Dude’s black and white work is INSANE. No reason to go anywhere else. 10 out of 5 stars.
Zak “iKeepsItGully” F
I loved getting tattooed by Tyler! He’s by far the the most creative and professional tattoo artists I’ve ever met. His prices reflect his quality of work and are very fair. The tattoo he gave me is my favorite one i have on my body, he really took my idea and made it come to life. I can’t wait to get another one!read more
Stephanie Lowe
I’ve been tattooed by Tyler twice now. Each time has been a great experience. He is amazing at taking your ideas and making them better then you could ever imagine. He takes the time to make sure everything is sanitary and fully explains the after care process which a lot of artists don’t do. After researching social media Tyler was the artist for me. He is a well rounded artist but if you’re looking for black and grey realism this is your guy. I’m an art collector and have very little space left and the quality of his work has made it an easy decision to give him the skin I have left. Let’s jut say I trust Tyler as an artist I let him tattoo my head which I would only do if I fully trusted his ability as an artist. Tyler takes his artwork seriously and is passionate about what he does.read more
Jeffrey hocking
I got the opportunity to sit for some work with Tyler here in Austin two weeks ago. The work is fantastic, and the scheduling/communication was on par too. I still have a decent amount of work left to do and I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks again my friend for everything. I couldn't recommend you anymore highly.read more
Andrew Danielson
I had my tattoo done in Austin, Tx. The environment was clean and comfortable, not the typical “shop” look. Tyler was on time and ready to rock as soon as I came through the door. I immediately felt comfortable. Tyler understood the importance of the memorial tattoo I was having done and did a great job of juggling my emotions during the process. Tyler was very down to earth and awesome to visit with during the process. The tattoo is amazing, I don’t believe anyone else would have produced such a great tattoo and experience! I absolutely recommend Tyler and will be getting future work done with him.read more
Samantha McCormick
Great artist, good conversationalist, 10/10 would recommend
Trevor Wolfe
Tyler is a great artist, his quality is amazing. Super chill guy with awesome work and I’ve been impressed with his skill, Tyler has done my two big pieces and I love my most recent Frankenstein portrait. He really nailed it everyone compliments me on it and asks where I got it done it’s my prized possession. I’ve being going to Tyler for years and will keep going back.read more
Jenny Ortega
Tyler is a super nice, talent and professional guy. If I ever need a black and grey, realism tattoo...he is definitely one of the people I would call. I wasn't too sure of exactly what I wanted but he was happy to hear my ideas and works with me so we both could be happy with the design. What I love about the tattoo I received is that people of all ages compliment my tattoo and asked where I got it done.read more
lisa h
Tyler was nothing but professional and made me feel comfortable. He has great attention to detail and goes above and beyond. I am very pleased with my tattoo and I will be making another appointment very soon.read more
Jimmy Flores
Tyler’s work speaks for itself. He gave me an original piece and his attention to detail was out of this world. His style is one of a kind, with one of the smoothest touches with the needle I have ever experienced. I would recommend him to anybody. I have received a lot of compliments about his work. Thanks again for the amazing piece of art and keep killing it brotha.read more
Brandon Quinn
Tyler is a great tattoo artist! His style is always unique to him! I am a returning client and will continue to get work done by him! He takes your original idea and uses his style and techniques to give you an awesome piece of art!read more
Jose Martinez
Getting a tattoo by Tyler was awesome! He was respectful, honest, creative and made me super comfortable like I had known him for years. Every time someone sees my tattoo when I’m walking down the street they stop and complement me and ask me where I got my tattoo. I’m so in love with it and it’s been a couple years! I’d highly recommend Tyler to anyone who is looking for a piece they will love forever!read more
Dannielle Elliott
By far the best tattoo I have every received definitely will go back and get more from Tyler. It might be awhile till I can but definitely worth the wait. They guy is a stud when it comes to your piece and his Instagram speaks volumes on how good he is. By far one of the best out there.read more
Dominic Souza
The entire process from emailing to schedule an appointment to having Tyler execute my tattoo was amazing. Everything was handled professionally and I am very satisfied with the quality of work. Tyler is a natural in his craft, 10/10 would recommend!read more
Billie Rayanna Ciarlanti
Tyler is one of the best black and grey tattoo artists I have ever come across. He's a gracious and humble person who's easy to work with, super professional, will make you feel comfortable and respect you and your ideas, and most important his art is insanely good. He knows tattooing inside and out, from body fit to tattoo longevity to all the different techniques for achieving the right effects in how he executes line work, shading, etc. And also seems to keep up to date on the trends in art and design in general, bringing in modern design tools on his iPad to help plan out the art and collaborate with clients. Great dude, great artist, can't recommend enough!read more
Brandon McPeak

Tyler Ciarlanti

In Austin

Working out of Black Saint Studios, my private studio in NW Austin; share your tattoo idea and once you book, I’ll share the location details.


I travel frequently for guest spots and can also do destination tattoos, travelling to you, or travelling with you to a location of your choice. Destination tattoos only available for bigger pieces and require committing to 4 days of work in the span of a week.